I rarely write reviews, but I want to rave about this company. If you need dent repair, LR is THE place to go. When a representative of LR came to our door, having noticed our hail dented cars, we had already filed a claim with our insurance and contacted an auto shop they recommended. That company suggested replacing and painting large parts of our cars. While worried about the environmental impact of that approach, we didn’t know there were alternatives.

We were intrigued when the LR’s rep described their paintless dent removal process, which requires neither replacing nor repainting major parts. When he said LR could get us into the shop a month earlier than the other company and supply us with a rental, we were sold.

Our cars are back, and they look great. LR followed through on everything they promised. The office and garage staff were wonderful to work with (special shout out to Nadia), keeping us regularly updated. We hope we won’t need dent repair again, but if we do, we know where we’ll take them.

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